MST Pendant with magnets and germanium balls
bio magnetc mst pendant 6 + 6 MST Energy pendant
6+6 MST Energy Pendant
Short Desciption: The MST energy pendant is uniquely produced using a 6 Rare Earth Magnets. 6 Metal Germanium And Japanese mineral science technology to provide us with sufficient scalar frequencies.
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  • Relief from body stress and pain.
  • It is enlightening migraine, back pain and body arthritis.
  • It can also varnish from bad ordour.
  • Increase Energy level of the human body.
  • Proper Circulation of Blood in the Human Body.
  • It can Improve sleeping patterns and sleep quality.
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Product Description

6 Germanium Balls & 6 Rare Earth Neodymium with Lava Minerals

  • The MST scalar energy pendant is a Natural Energy Generating Device which improves metabolic and circulatory function of the body to achieve optimal universal health.
  • The stone energy is a volcanic eruption after igneous rock from by magma, which after years of air and rain water, produces active energy ingredients inside, using advanced technology and combined. nano technology and heat fusion methods for the pendant, it is able to produce regulate energy levels suitable to human form.
  • It works by radiating natural energy which has definite positive effects on the body including, Is rich in trace elements that typically effective balance meridian system and stabilize human's bio-field. increasing the energy level of energy single cell in the body facilitating the entry nutrients and elimination of wastes of wastes from the cells.
  • Helps your cells returns to their "rhythm of life" and regain their ability to repair themselves. Converting the water in the body to become smaller molecules(micro-clusters) which has better dissolving, Cleansing and healing powers increase trans membrane potential. neutralizing the harmful effects of external electro-magnetic radiation.reduce inflammation.

Health Benefits:

  • Also get magnetic therapy energy in this pendant.
  • It is enlightening migraine, back pain and body arthritis.
  • Relief from body stress and pain.
  • It can also varnish from bad ordour.
  • Increase Energy level of the human body.
  • Protects from harmful Electro Magnetic Radiations (EMR).
  • Proper Circulation of Blood in the Human Body.
  • It can Improve sleeping patterns and sleep quality.
  • It can maintain food freshness stored in the cold storage.
  • Rapid relief from Tired Legs, Feet and prevents foot odours.
  • It is caring your heart to enjoy better peace of mind.
  • It is also Maintaining growth of plants and greens
  • Also activate human body cells water molecules.
  • Reduces harmful substances contained in alcoholic drinks and cigarettes.
  • It can activate the molecule of a drinking water.

How does biomagnetic medical care work?

  • Cells need the acceptable surroundings to be able to live and properly do their multiple functions. The ionic balance of positive and negative charges gift within the cells and their surroundings plays a vital role in guaranteeing this appropriate cellular climate. a bit like the healthy human organism encompasses a temperature of between thirty six and thirty seven degrees uranologist, its pH level, or grade of internal acidity, ought to stay during a vary of neutrality near the worth seven. infective phenomenons square measure tolerated once there square measure elementary distortions within the pH level.
  • The process of pH imbalance begins at the cellular level with the exchange of ions through the membrane. This bioelectric act happens altogether the cells of the body. If we have a tendency to take a blood sample, we have a tendency to eliminate the fluid till we've solely the red blood cells left, and that we apply a magnet, we are able to see within the magnifier however the cells flip and purpose in one direction. The magnet polarizes the cells’ ions.

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