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How to use ?

  • Put the cloths into the machine, then put the laundry balls, no need to add any general washing detergents.
  • Collapsible, cuff or stubborn stains, pre-processed with stain stick before putting into the machine.
  • Start to washing after 15 to 30 minutes dipping, washing it as usual, the washing ability will be better if dipped for 60 minutes.
  • Use 1 ball when the cloths is below 3kgs, 2 balls when over it.
  • Keep balls ventilated after used, dry them naturally, repeat the steps above next time.
  • Clean the laundry balls every month, dry it in the sun.


  • The washing ability is no less than the traditional washing detergent, so it can replace the general washing detergent. But the whitening and antibacterial ability is much better than that of general washing detergent.
  • Free of harmful chemicals such as phosphor and boron, so it can protect cloths and skin well, especially suiting for babies and childrens cloths and adults underwear etc.
  • Can be used perennially and repeatedly, have a good function in saving water and power


  • No hazardous substance remains after washing.
  • No electrostatic phenomenon.
  • Save the consumption of water and electricity.
  • Revive vivid clothes color.
  • Cut down water pollution.

Please Note

  • The laundry balls can stay in the machine all the time, but it will be better after being dried naturally, prolong the using life.
  • Suitable for all the washing machines.
  • Filled with solid ceramic balls, never used as toys for children.
  • No use to industrial use or large-scale washing such as laundry shop, but can be used for antibacterial.
  • Washing separately between different colors of or easy-fading cloths.

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