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  • Mobile Phone and Transmission Towers like, Mobile Phone Towers Broadcasting Towers, Overhead Lines, and Radars constantly emit hazardous Electro Magnetic Radiation(EMR).
  • This Radiation Penetrates Your Head and the level of peneteration depends on how closeis head to the source of the EMR emitted from mobile phone.
  • The studies suggest that the EMR can destructively affect the sensitive tissues and delicate organs in the ear, eye, brain etc.

How to Affect Electro Magnetic Radiation(EMR)

  • In the ear, tumor may develop on the auditory nerve, especially on the side where mobile is mostly kept while talking
  • In the eye, delicate parts such as lens & cornea can be affected
  • Brain can be affected, which could result in headache, sleep disturbance, lack of concentration, loss of memory and increased irritation level, physical disorders such as Brain Tumour, Aizhimer's Parkinson Disease etc..

Benefits Of Anti Radiation Mobile Chip

  • Anti Radiation Mobile Chip Protect your Ear, Brain and Heart Tissues from Harmful Radiation
  • Our Radiation Chip Protects sensitive ear tissues from hazardous radiation and protect penetration of unwanted radiations into brain.

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