Product Description
  • AM Pendant / AM Scalar Energy Pendant that we offer to our national and international clients is made using 100% Pure Volcanic Lava and Lead (Pb), Arsenic (As), Mercury (Hg) & Cadmium (Cd) free minerals that are professionally tested and approved by SGS Laboratory, A feeling of calmness and peace of mind is felt by wearing this AM Pendant.
  • This pendant raises the vibratory frequency of the body effortlessly and connects an individual to their higher self, AM Pendant utilizes specialized quantum physics, geometry and vibration harnessing technologies
  • These technologies, power of the human body's bio-energy system is synergized and run with optimum performance, Known as chi, or life force energy in some cultures, it runs through meridian points in our body
  • In modern times, Scalar Energy is required to fight against the impact of harmful electromagnetic waves, These harmful impacts may be pain in low back (especially), neck, shoulder, muscle and joint stress, nervousness and dormancy
  • Mobile phone, computers, TV's, microwaves and other electric devices have changed our lifestyle and have also introduced us to hazards of mobile phone network and high voltage electric network

How to use ?

  • Scalar AM Pendant wear it on the neck for 12-16 hours in a day, by wearing an AM Pendant you will be feel peace and calm.
  • It Simply Effortlessly Raising Our Vibratory Frequency, it directly connecting you to your higher self.
  • AM Pendant Increase Relaxation and Dilation of the blood vessels in the human body.
  • The molecular structure of water becomes more hydrations when it is charged with Scalar Energy Pendant. The renewed molecular chains in water are similar to those found in healthy natural spring water.
  • Scalar Energy is able to reduce the clumping effect and improve circulation.
  • AM Pendant spins into the shower, and water pass through picks up the resonance, as 70% of our bodies are made from water and its important to nourish the body with the correct molecular structured water.
  • Restless sleep is caused by E-Smog. They are generated from electrical cables hidden in walls and ceilings. By placing a AM Pendant beside the bed, it will help to dispels the E-Smog effect on the body & improve sleep.

Benefits of AM Energy Pendants

  • AM Pendant are Absorbs the harmful electromagnetic waves
  • AM Pendant are helping to Improves blood circulation and helps increase blood flow
  • AM Pendant are helping to Increases the body immunity
  • AM Pendant Maintains balance of the nervous system
  • Helps you get rid of nervousness and helps you relax
  • Helps you go into deep sleeping (treatment insomnia sleep)
  • Increases concentration and focusing
  • Reduce the neck and back pain, arthritis pain and rheumatism and muscle and joint pains
  • Help in the treatment of back pain, neck and shoulder, arthritis, rheumatism and treatment of weak nerves.

Disclaimer : Please read disclaimer for use of this product

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