Our Bio Magnetic Bracelet made from Pure Titanium, Pure 316 Stainless Steel And Pure Tungsten Metal with Rare Earth Magnets (Neodymium Magnets) and Germanium Conductor Balls (FIR Balls) to Get Instat Effects.

We use Rare Earth Magnets and Metal Germanium Conductor Balls (FIR Balls) Balls in our All Bio Magnetic Bracelets, Kadas, Finger Rings & Necklace to get instant and best effect in body pain, arthritis, blood pressure, paralysis and more.

Biomagnetic Bracelet, Anti Radiation Bio Card, Scalar Energy Pendant, MST Energy Pendant, AM Energy Pendant, Facial Beauty Roller, Alkaline Water Stick, Scalar Energy Bio Disc, Nano Fuel Saver Kit, Scalar Relief Pad, Electric Induction Stove, Magnetic Rings, HHO Kit, Magnetic Jewellery

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