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Magnetic Health Watch - 05
Short Desciption: Bio Magnetic watch made up of 100% Stainless Steel Metal with 100% Germanium Metal FIR Balls and Very Powerful Neodymium Biomagnets.This Watch is 1000 times more powerful neodymium Biomagnets than the ordinary Magnets.
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Product Description
  • A wrist watch with health care function consists of a mechanism (core), a case and a back cover of a wrist watch having timekeeping function. A magnetic body is placed in the back cover of the wrist watch. Between the magnetic body and the mechanism (core) of the wrist watch is a magnetic isolating body which is formed by the back cover itself or which is a -shaped magnetic isolating shield or a magnetic isolating piece covered on the magnetic body in the back cover so that the wrist watch can both tell time (maintaining the accuracy of timekeeping) and provided the function of health care for treating or preventing from human diseases through the action of the magnetic source.

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